[VIDEO] Why We Should When We Don’t Want To

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Hey hey Adventure Girls. Senka here. It’s super windy on the hill and the weather forecast says there is gonna be thunderstorms later this afternoon so I better get my walk in. Sometimes you just have to. How warm it is in the sunshine. There’s gonna be thunderstorms but you gotta do what you gotta do to get your outdoors in.

Sometimes we forget to prioritize our wellness and exercise and more often than not is at times we don’t wanna go out that we actually need to get out the most so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck or any of those feelings. They can feel in your body that feeling challenging then in your not wanting to do the things that fill your happy tank up whatever they are for you you know. For me it’s doing the things that matter with the people but those are the most important times to go and fill your happy tank up is when you feel like you least wanna do it.

This morning I did not wanna get out. We did a Rogaine last night which was awesome and so I was like “Oh! I already got out and exercised. I don’t need to. I’ve got so much to have to do but already my head is way clearer way way way clearer than what it was before I set out on this, an extreme close up video. That’s mostly because I’m really worried it’s so windy you can’t hear me. Anyway, you just get to see my beautiful face.

I’ve just taken a little job one direction along the Crater Rim heading over to the other side which I don’t know whether it’s cold yet I can’t remember anyway so I’m doing a little jog and I’m just wandering back and looking at those very very dark grey clouds that are there and hoping. I should be able to get back a little bit later this afternoon.

Anyway if you’re feeling any of those feelings that are kind of don’t feel I’m gonna say good but let’s not take this as a good-bad thing but you’re telling yourself a whole lot of reasons why you shouldn’t be going and filling up your happy tank. Maybe you feel like you haven’t done enough. Maybe you feel like you need to do more and it’s like we end up taking our things that really matter to us off the list. Oh no girl! Oh no you didn’t!

So go get outside and if outdoors ain’t your thing go to somewhere that fills up your happy tank whether that is taking 10 minutes in the sunshine to sit and have a cup of tea, journaling. Oh my god journaling! That’s such a good way to start the day and getting your mind heading in the direction of what it is you wanna create more of and how you wanna sort of re-set your day ahead. Once I’m back from this walk there will be some journaling and create more badass stuff and then when the rain comes in I’ll be like “yeah I got it done”.

Anyway I’m actually overheating now so much warmth. Alright ladies go fill up your happy tanks. That’s a strong recommendation if you’re feeling that you’re too busy, too overwhelmed and too whatever to go and do it, it’s absolutely essential that you go and do it now. Go do it now! Alright go fill up your cups your happy tanks and here’s to getting more women outdoors doing some cool sh*t.

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