[VIDEO] Look At What We Walked Up To Get To Our Hut The Other Day

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What up Adventure Girls! Just out with my adventure besties Jen and Jules is wandering ofin the background we’re on our way out we stayed at the Woolshed Creek Hut but here we’re walking on the way out and this is what we wanted to point out just trying to get it in the shot here. This ridge line here that big rock yesterday we walked up there and 6.4K then we went the hard way in technically and we dropped over the other side up in the distance up there and then we drop down into the riverbed to a waterfall back up and then over a swing bridge and into the hut. Let me tell you it was freakin awesome. Tough but awesome. We dumped into a bunch of people going the other way and they were like you guys are doing it the hard way because we’re now walking out we’re like this is so glorious because it is nowhere near as technical rocky or steep as yesterday was but it really makes you appreciate the stuff because we definitely went the hard way yesterday and it was really mentally challenging just like anything right.

We had you have in your mind what you think it’s gonna be like and then you get out there and you’re like it’s not quite what I was picturing. Not quite what I was picturing so you really have to find your resilience and being a really good mind set I was like ok well the only way forward is to keep moving right. Whether it’s a steep hill we’ve got things to cross you’re tired you’re whatever it’s like you just actually have to keep moving it’s the only way to get where you wanna go. So just looking at that now and saying that makes me really appreciate our walk out was just super mellow by comparison and equally as stunning so there’s my homegirls there’s my adventure besties having a chitchat made a couple of drinks last night and had some yummy food and I’m gonna be back in Christchurch for lunchtime have an afternoon of work so that’s how it is but if you’ve never done this walk it’s pretty fucking awesome man like if you want a nice little overnighter the hut is really rad like super rad. Well insulated and just perfectly equipped and stuff like that.

So anyway you know all these things are about building resilience and building your strength. Find yourself something that’s gonna challenge yourself and go get out there ladies. So here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t and if you need some more adventure besties in your life like I’ve got make sure you go and check out of adventuregirls.co.nz/vip where you can we are about to launch a new way to connect with other women that are into the outdoors and we’ve got awesome deals and discounts for our VIP members and yeah cool resources and a really cool interactive map coming along as well so you can find adventures to do and then you can find other women that want to go do them and you can connect up and message them. It’s not just a Facebook group there’s an actual online platform so it’s super excited that it’s coming really soon so if you need some of these some people like this that are really awesome in your life make sure you get on there adventuregirls.co.nz/vip. Here’s to getting more ladies out doing cool sh*t.