A Collection Of Films Curated By The Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour Team

A collection of films curated by the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour team that showcase and celebrate the female adventurous spirit, with an aim make to women in the outdoors more visible.

If you’re anything like me there’s something about watching an epic outdoor film that features women doing cool shit. I don’t know if it’s the epic scenery, the emotive sound track or being able to share in the journey of the women featured in the films because on some level I can relate.

What I know is that after watching films like this, is that it makes me wanna go out even more and find my next adventure.

Thanks Adventure Reels for being at the forefront of showcasing women in the outdoors on film and for curating this awesome line up of 11 films focused on women in the outdoors.

We here at She Adventures heart you!

Grab ya adventure besties, and kick back with a bevvie and enjoy these inspiring films!

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Here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool shit!