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Hey hey Adventure Girls Senka here. What! Have I got some freaking exciting news for you. I just got back was catching up with a couple of my adventure besties and some of my business besties and I got to have a really cool juicy conversation about with them about what’s coming up for 2020 for Adventure Girls and let me tell you ladies there’s some really freaking exciting stuff. So where do I start? It’s all so exciting. Okay let’s start with this one really great piece of news.

So if you’ve been following Adventure Girls you would have seen me have released the Why She Adventures Conversation Series which is a 14 part interview series with amazing women from across New Zealand and who get out and do cool stuff in the outdoors and the whole purpose behind that is to create a space to inspire you to go out and do more cool sh*t like that’s the whole purpose of the free conversation series and then what lead from that is I had so many ladies that wanted to connect up in person is that we launched a Why She Adventures live event here in Christchurch which is where I now live and we launched that and we successfully sold out of it. We had an amazing line-up of women who shared like some phenomenal stuff about why they adventure like not just practical tips of like how do I stop my feet getting sore when I’m out doing stuff and you know like that practical side but then there’s the whole other side you know some of these ladies are doing some really intense crazy out there stuff and some of it is the conversation was around you know I’m sorry just trying to put a charger on my phone so it doesn’t go flat while we do this and some of it was around you know like the extra mindset stuff with the resilience that you know the places that they have to find within themselves to push through like when it’s like super challenging when you’re out on adventures because that’s you know that’s what happens sometimes sometimes the reason we choose not to do adventures because it gets really it’s too challenging and it’s too stretchy.

But for me part of going on adventures is to find that extra bit of resilience that extra bit of I can do this stuff. Hey Chris how you doing man? is to find that like prime example we were out we did a track through ??? on the weekend sort of stuff and we took the more challenging route in and let’s just say there was definitely a moment where I just had to sit down and kind of go ‘are we there yet’? because I would like to be at the hut now and then just kind of go well the only way I’m gonna get to the hut is to keep moving and then just to set that in. So you know these conversations that we’re having with these amazing women across New Zealand has been fantastic so number one is we’re going to continue those conversations which I’m super excited about.

So as of in two weeks we’ll be releasing one new interview every couple of weeks so you’ll be able to stay inspired and motivated from women across New Zealand out there doing cool stuff and these are just everyday women like they just want to do the thing that either lights them up or pulls them forward or inspires more challenges or whatever the reason that’s all why she adventures so that’s number one we’re gonna be doing some great interviews ongoing at least one a month if not to get a few more and then the big exciting news for 2020 is that we are going to be doing a tour through New Zealand for the Why She Adventures tour which is freaking exciting like scary as sh*t but really freaking exciting because one of the big things is that I know from running Adventure Girls to the last wave of 10 years or more I originally started Adventure Girls when I was in my early 20s. Actually it’s gonna be coming up nearly 20 years since I originally started Adventure Girls that is like how long I’ve been in this space.

Anyway but one of the big things that always comes up from the adventures that we used to run was that you know you want to find other women that are into doing the stuff that you’re doing. You want to find other adventure besties to connect up with and go do stuff those girlfriends that go hell yeah I want to go and do that thing. So I want to create more opportunities now that we’re not running adventures ourselves with Adventure Girls and we’re promoting other women’s adventures across New Zealand which is f*cking exciting in itself but is that we want to still create a way for you women to connect together so that you can meet your new adventure bestie and it doesn’t have to be that you’re meeting you know 20,000 women to go an adventure with, you just want to find those two or three women. Hey Sarah Jane how you doing gorgeous. Hey Rachel give me some hearts up let me know where you’re tuning in from across New Zealand and yes that you don’t need to find 20,000 women to go adventure with you just need to find that two three or four women that are just like that you connect with and all of that.

So we still want to create opportunities to meet in person even though it’s not adventures and specifically which is why we’re going to do the Adventure Girls Why She Adventures tour across New Zealand. So I came from the speaker series online conversation series which we then launched to a live one here in Christchurch and so now we’re going to take that and we’re going to do that on a much better scale which is yeah scary and awesome all at the same time. So the intention is that we’ll be going across New Zealand later next year or mid next year and we’ll be doing a conversation series where we will have some panelists and you’ll be able to book your ticket to come along and listen to these stories and hear about why they adventure and stuff like that and have the opportunity to ask questions and be a part of that conversation as to why we adventure and how we can get out more and have more fun and adventure in our lives because let’s face it you know we’ve got unless you believe in reincarnation we’ve got one shot at this beautiful gift called life so why not make it one that’s full of fun and adventure right like we totally owe that to ourselves to have our best life our best version of our life whatever that means to you for you and all of that sort of stuff but for me it’s definitely about having more fun and adventure in it so that’s the whole sort of premise behind how the Adventure Girls actually originally launched nearly 20 years ago and what’s really driving us forward for what we want to create for 2020 so there’s some more exciting announcements that are yet to come but we’re just gonna be developing that over the next couple of months and all I can say is just be ready for some cool and for more inspiration that’s going to be coming out and hearing from amazing women across New Zealand you know what they’re getting up to create more fun and adventure in their life and how they do that and not just in a you know pick up your life and go on climb mountains and all that but just how they’re making it as part of their everyday life.

So exciting stuff right so if you know someone in your area that you think would be an amazing panelist who you would love to have to hear from on stage why they adventure and to be a part of the conversation on stage with a few other women then please tag them in this below and if you think that you would love to be a panelist on this please tag yourself and give me a comment below because then that means that I know that you’re interested and if you want to have a Why She Adventures live event in your area let me know what area you’re in because the more that you guys put your hands up the more that I know that I can bring that to you. So I’m super excited ladies like 2020 is just gonna be a whole new phase for Adventure Girls and Why She Adventures and what that’s going to be bringing for your ladies and I’m just excited because you know we need more women out there showing our daughters and our young women out there that life is about getting out there and and challenging yourself to really grow. So here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t if you haven’t already connected with us head on and to our free Facebook sisterhood the Adventure Girls Sisterhood and come in there and we’ve got a growing community the year with over 1,700 women already across New Zealand.

Come in join the conversation make some hopefully some new adventure besties in there and get some tips and inspiration for getting out and doing some more cool stuff so that’s what’s happening for 2020 exciting stuff man really exciting stuff so put on your knickers coz it’s gonna be an epic ride ladies and I’m so excited that you’re here on the journey with us so go find us in the free community at Adventure Girls Sisterhood and our Facebook community if you’re not already in there then come and hang out and meet some hopefully your new adventure besties in there. Until then go out get some fresh air. Go get some nature coz that sh*t is awesome and I will see you guys on the next live in here otherwise here’s to getting all women out doing cool sh*t. Ka kite!