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Hey hey Adventure Girls it’s Senka here. This live is coming off the bat of a walk I did yesterday and the fact that I went back up and was up on the hunt free tracks so let me put this back I love how like I kind of had this idea of how I’m gonna go on a live now and then I’m just like we’ll just do it which is ironic because the topic is stepping into the unfamiliar. So anyway I always figure it’s just better to go live when the content is in my head and the idea of the sharing and the learning that I’ve gotten is there so then that way it’s kind of like blah instead of me trying to formulate and all that. Anyway you didn’t come here to listen to me ramble. This whole thing is based on stepping into the unfamiliar sort of stuff.

So one year ago, so two nights ago we did a Rogaine with one of my adventure besties and we did a Rogaine. If you don’t know what a Rogaine is it’s basically like a big treasure hunt you get a map use a compass. You have to find your way to certain checkpoints. Checkpoints are worth some checkpoints are worth more than others so there’s a little bit of strategy, a little bit of speed all that sort of stuff so we did that two nights ago and we were on the same track that I did my very first Rogaine one whole year ago. So one whole year ago I was like the one thing when I moved to Christchurch was like I want to learn how to navigate with a map and with a compass and I want to get better at that like that stuff has been on my bucket list for so long I just wanted to get better at it. I don’t know what it is I think there’s something empowering about being able to read a map so that if I go out and something happens in nature and stuff like that I know the basics of reading a map. Hey Kelsea so yes so anyway so one whole year ago we were doing our very first Rogaine so I was fully fully stepping into the unfamiliar so I’d done our one course through my other adventure besties it’s shop Further Faster and we did a course, we did an evening course on how to read the maps and we did a little play around at ??? Park and all that sort of stuff.

Anyway that is so different to when you actually go out and you have to use your map and figure it all out and it’s fair to say that first Rogaine that we did a year ago was f*cking crazy like just trying to piece it all together I felt like my brain was just going like this it was like back at school it was like one plus one equals two? It was so hard to go back to go into something that was so unfamiliar that I had no idea on how to do and really go back to learning something and not in going out and not being the person who had it like so used to going all my other adventures I’m like yeah I know how to ride a bike, yeah I know how to fix that little thing if it doesn’t but to step into that unfamiliar stuff of not knowing how to do something and not being freaking amazing at it can really put us off from actually doing that thing because we think we want to show up and we want to look awesome like we’ve got our sh*t together.

If you watch the start of this live you would see that didn’t quite have my sh*t together at the start but it’s the one thing that we need to get over ourselves for so that we can actually get out and do all the fun stuff because the realization and this is the whole reason this is live is together is two nights ago we went back and we were on the same hill from the first year where I had no freaking clue didn’t know the terrain didn’t know how to use a compass did not know how to use the map didn’t even understand like the whole Rogaining thing out timing all of that. Two nights ago we just went out same hill again now here’s the thing over that year I have gone and done probably maybe a dozen Rogaines and maybe a few more than that and a lot of them have been very unsuccessful. We did one recently that was a six hour and it took us one hour to find our first check point one hour I wanted to quit. It took a lot of regrouping to actually carry on and do that Rogaine coz we were only one hour into six hours and we couldn’t even find our first way and we were just like what the frick are we doing. That was the last one we just did before we did this one up on the hill but we went back to the hill and in that time I’ve actually moved to where the trackers and I’ve walked that track a large number of times so when we set out on this Rogaine there was so much more that was familiar about it when I was looking at the contours well one I could have a better ability to read a map I can’t say that I’m awesome at it yet but I’m better at it because I’ve been practicing it because I’ve been putting myself into the space of all that unfamiliar stuff so I can read a map a little bit better now I know how to use a compass I’m still getting better at how to measure distances but also the fact that that terrain was familiar now because I’ve walked that hill so when we’re looking at the contours and it’s talking about a bluff I’m like I know that exact bluff because I walked up past it or I’ve ridden down it pass it on my bike. So the only way for things that become familiar is to step into the space of the unfamiliar like now if I have to go into a few Rogaines on a few of the hills out there are cheers cars and I would have a smaller amount of reference for where we’re going because I’ve been out there but it takes that first step of the bit like stepping into the unfamiliar and being like consciously choosing to be brave and stepping into the unfamiliar whatever that is for you whatever it is that you want to create.

This reference is purely just from doing the Rogaines that it takes that little bit of being consciously brave and choosing to step into the unfamiliar and know that you will develop skills along the way and develop the learning so that it becomes more familiar as you go. So now so yesterday yesterday day before we went out and did the Rogaine we covered easily twice the distance and we’ve got two checkpoints within our first ten minutes but then it came from going out and actually being out and doing that thing so it’s like whatever it is that you want to create more of in your life whatever there is like whether I said you just want to have more fun and adventure in your life whether you want to step into a new career whether it’s you want to go and do a massive hike or whatever it is that you want to get out and do you just have to take those baby steps of the unfamiliar and be really okay with the learning process and that you won’t have your sh*t together the first time you go and do something or maybe you will maybe you’ll surprise yourself and maybe we were like how did I not know that I was a f*cking boss at doing this thing but either way you just have to make it really okay with being going into the unfamiliar so that things can then become more familiar and you can get better at it and you can grow and that’s where it all comes from.

So that was my big learning from the Rogaine I couldn’t believe it like we were out there running and it was just so exciting because I was like man like first off a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to run any of that and that’s time we jogged a lot of a lot of it and so we covered more distance and we got a bunch more checkpoints and we really challenged ourselves at the end we’re like there’s ten minutes can we get two more checkpoints and we gathered up two extra checkpoints and we’re just really proud of ourselves because it had been such a challenge the first time we did our Rogaine a year ago on that same track and then when I was at my adventure bestie the last one we did together was our six-hour on which took one hour but to find the first checkpoint. So hopefully you’re hearing in this story some stuff for you that comes up whether it’s that you’re noticing how you’re like it’s so interesting it’s such a juicy topic I could just keep talking about it but it’s just so easy to quit when it gets tough like honestly after that one hour of looking for that and checkpoint on that Rogaine we was like we both kind of went shall we do this shall we carry on and we and we did like we finished it and we just reassessed the distances that we were gonna cover but it’s not about the Rogaine it was it’s about that mental game that goes with doing stuff that doesn’t feel sometimes super awesome but we know that there’s growth in that moment so it’s like we challenged ourselves to carry on cuz it would have been easy to have quit the one hour and at that one day I can just go f*ck this I’m out of here but we stuck with it and we did it and we did it as a team which was really awesome and then this coming back into this Rogaine again it was just like that real positive reinforcement of hey look you can actually do this.

So yeah I could totally talk about this topic all the time because it is so easy to step back when it gets a little bit tough. I do it I can’t I know that I do it at times and I catch myself and it’s something that it’s a continual practice of building your resilience building your and stretching out to being okay with unfamiliar things and being right in that space of not having everything completely together. So that’s it ladies that’s my lesson from going back up on the hill and heading up the Rogaine track again. I love it it’s such a great way to challenge myself. So anyway there’s the wicked Rogaine doing a series here so if you to do that you can join on and of course if you are looking for some inspiration to get out and do some cool stuff and you want to hear some some amazing stories from amazing women around the world if you haven’t already jumped on board to our Why She Adventures free interview series, you can get acces to that now we’ve interviewed or I’ve interviewed 14 amazing women around New Zealand who have done some freaking amazing stuff and they let’s just say have stepped into the unfamiliar in it and growing massively so there’s 14 interviews all lined up ready for you to access you’ll get one interview a day so you can just make your way through those get topped up with a sh*t ton of inspiration and you can find that at whysheadventures.com and get it in there ladies and say we’ve got Miriam Lanswood, Hollywood House, we’ve got Lisa Tamati and then we’ve got some amazing local champions. I’ve got actually interview my sister Vesna who’s a world champion Waka Ama paddler so yeah hey Hannah banana how you doing girl actually you should be on this interview series as well so if you haven’t already checked in with those ladies oh Hanna if you’ve watched Miriam’s interview she’s amazing.

So yeah if you haven’t already checked into that go get your hands on it it’s totally free to watch those videos and you can get that at whysheadventures.com otherwise ladies go get out there life is meant to be one big ginormous awesomely epic adventure with the highs of the peaks of the mountains and embracing the valleys that come along the way because without those abilities we can’t appreciate the peaks that we reach. So go get out there ladies here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t and I will see you i the next live.