[VIDEO] OMG…I’m So Out Of Breath In This Video

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Hey hey Adventure Girls. Senka here. I’m just making my way up that’s probably backwards. That’s the pipeline that’s what it says anyway. I’m just making my way up the pipeline in about four weeks we’ve got the Tongariro Crossing so if you’ve ever done it before you’ll know the Tongariro Crossing has two big climbs in it one is the devil staircase and then one is the summit – and as you summit over the red crater and then drop down into the emerald lakes. Brains not working this time this morning so the only way to get fitter for those up hills and like this will be my fourth or fifth time I’ve done it and I just never gets it doesn’t get easier. It just you get better at it right but you can see the pipe line up behind me here that goes straight up so I’m just out this morning getting some fitness in because the only way to get fitter for those hills is to actually work them and how convenient I live in Christchurch where there’s lots of what do you know hills so the funny thing is right the same thing as for life right.

You want to go out and you want to do these things I can think about walking up this hill and I can go and walk some flat stuff and that will get me fitter yes in some level but at the end of the day if you want to get fitter for going the thing you only have to know massive big Hills to start with you can start on small walks small uphill walks which means that big goal that you’re going for whatever you want to create more of in your life. Oh I am puffing! You don’t need to eat the whole elephant you don’t need to climb the whole mountain in one freaking go right. You can start with the small steps get out start walking then start to add a few hills in then come on walk one of these things just take your time though then aim to move faster up the hill it’s all about progress over f*cking perfection because so often we get stuck it in us needing to be in a certain space to start that certain thing that we want to start but that’s just a crock of sh*t.

You actually just got to get started anyway. I’m gonna get fitter for walking up hills is to start walking up hills even if their baby wants to start with. Oh holy shit Mazel! I am pooped! So the name of the game ladies I have from being completely out of breath is to create small ones through progress drop the comparison about we everyone else’s you know. There’s a shit ton of people who away faster going up this hill than me but I’m also out here and I’m doing it and that’s a win for me so whatever it is you’re going for or you want to go for, start! Start in the direction of the thing that you want. Focus on progress over the perfection and stop comparing where you are in your life to where everyone else’s because we’re all running our own we’re all running our own race or forgot our own stuff going on and celebrate the small ones along the way.

Look at that view. The first time I walked this I stopped so many times and here I am puffed as all hell but doing a bit of a video up the way so I can feel the progress of where I’m going but it’s because I’ve been out there doing it in small increments. So go get out there ladies whatever that thing is that you want. Go out and get that small wins, progress over perfection, drop the comparison and get started. Here’s to getting more ladies out doing cool sh*t. Thank you have a great day ladies and of course if you want to have other mates to go out and do this cool stuff with but don’t quite have the network or your mates just aren’t into it well we can help clear that excuse up.

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