[LIVE] My biggest take aways from my conversations last night with Hollie Woodhouse, Sia Svendsen and Jen Halliday…

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Hi Adventures Girl! It’s Senka here. And, last night we had our very first adventure girls, “Why She Adventures Live Conversation Series” here in Christ Church, which was awesomely hosted by the amazing people here.

What a night ladies! Oh my gosh!

Like, I came home and I had a little bit of a cry because it was just so overwhelmingly awesome, that evening.

Like the fact that 40 women turned up to listen to three women story about the adventures that they do, what they go through and some of the challenges that they came up, that come up along the way and you couldn’t help but like, one, wonder how you can like extend yourself and do more, because there was there was so much to take away. I’m like, I don’t even know where to start with it all, because it was just so amazing.

There was some really key takeaways though, so the first big key takeaway was to talk about resilience.

So there’s so much conversation and I guess what I love about it being a woman’s event is that we sit the frame that was super conversational, so it wasn’t a presentation and the girls getting up talking about things. We just float with whatever the topics came up, so it was just phenomenal and the ladies in the audience got to ask Steph. Hey Jean! Thank you Jean for speaking last night. Jean just jumped in on our live so thank you Jean, for all your amazing words of wisdom and encouragement. I love that you represent those ladies that getting into it you know, into running specifically into trail running at you know that they haven’t always done it all their lives, and not like born into like adventure and all that stuff.

So, Jean was just here now, she was one of the speakers but one of the big things that I really took away was a conversation around resilient. And how we find that, when we find it from and where it comes from. It was such a juicy topic, because it was so much not just to relate to our adventures that we go on, so the resilience that we build and we go on adventures, and then it’s like I’m always like how do we then transfer that into our everyday life that gets busy, get take it gets overwhelming. And sometimes we just don’t wanna do life, like we’re just like I don’t really wanna do this thing and we have to find that resilience within ourselves so the fact that we got to talk about that, was like freaking amazing, and you know my takeaways from what the girls was saying is that, it’s was like resilience comes from a number of  places like, it can it comes primarily from you like you have to build the resilience.

You have to be the one that’s have to build the resilience. You have to be the one that’s putting yourself in those situations that gets you to flip that resilience muscles. So, you can’t build resilience unless you’re up against situations that ask you to call on that, and these adventures that these ladies are doing are holding on that so many times, throughout whatever they’re doing. Whether it’s the pre-training, whether it’s going on the adventures or anything like that, there is just so much in that space that the resilience gets developed, and it’s like it doesn’t have to be big massive adventure like you hear me ladies, talk about that it’s like adventurous whatever it means for you that, you know whether doing North skiing whether at running in the Sahara Desert for 25K.

Whether it is just committing to getting up adventure, we’re always continuously stretching ourselves and that is where we build our resilience. That’s where we build the belief that we can do stuff, so it’s like this is why I’m such a huge we can do stuff, so it’s like this is why I’m such a huge about, but yeah, that’s because it’s we can so easily tap into that space of a building within ourselves, our own resilience and our own self-belief.

And, one of the things that Jean said, she mentioned is that you know that can also come from our external factors as well. So, we build it within ourselves when we move through those challenges, when it’s like you wanna stop and you don’t, and you carry on and you go I can do this and you lock that in, and then you lock that into your brain and you lock that into a feeling in your body, and you know that when you’re up against it, as some similar situation that you’ve got that at resilience to push to move through. And to back yourself and the belief in the knowing that you can cause believing in yourself is one thing, and then the next level on it is knowing that you can.

So much to take away from it so yeah, so that was one key thing so resilience and building that within ourselves, that was a huge conversation that kinda just keep popping up a lot, because you know a lot of stuff, these ladies are doing this like, yeah you can quit like yeah like at you know but there is no option, it’s like they’re just like there is no other option.

So it’s like how can we build alright, I may not be going to want to run 260K in the Sahara Desert, but where else can I build that, and it’s like in everyday life, you have opportunity to build resilience, and build up belief and build that knowing, like build that knowing within yourself. So whether it’s like I said getting up, and going out and doing your own level of adventure. And, following through and that sort of stuff, you can build on that and then. So yeah, that was one of the big key takeaways. So much other stuff was talked about. It was just such a fantastic night. So, I’m super honoured to have achieved stage with Hollywood House, with Jean Halladay and was Sia Svenson.

Like, three phenomenal women who are just I think are out there doing amazing things in their own levels. So, two ladies thanks very much, to the sell out room that we had ladies, who took away something super inspiring. If you were there and you’re watching us, I’d love to know what your biggest takeaway from the night was for yourself and what you actually got out of it. And yeah, what’s the biggest thing that  you take away was from in there. If you wanna catch any of the interviews, so we didn’t obviously record last night but we have got one -on- one interviews with all the speakers in The Why She Adventures Interview Series. You can jump on board to that to whysheadventures.com. and you can check that out and you can have a lesson in there and of course, if you are struggling to find other girlfriends to go and do cool sh*t with.

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So not just a Facebook community, where you can kind of try it mix match but actually people you can match up with by profile, plus a whole lot of other cool stuff, searchable maps, downloads, guest interviews with with speakers that will be nowhere else to be found, and all of that sort of stuff. So check that out at adventuregirls.co.nz/VIP And I’m actually take advantage of that. Pre-Launch Special, I’m so excited ladies. Alright, yeah so that’s that like I could just keep talking but I know you ladies are probably gonna go do stuff. Love to know what your things are that you do to help build resilience in yourself, and if you wanna catch those interviews one -on- one with the ladies that worked that we shared the stage with last night.

Then yeah, go check out whysheadventures.com. Alright, lovely ladies. Here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t in New Zealand. Why? Because one, New Zealand is freaking stunning. Number two, life is better with a adventures in it, the outdoors are designed to like, give you that space to feel better in life again. It was another topic that we talked about Anyway, I can keep talking. We’ll put that as another subject Interview Series, otherwise I’ll see you in the Adventure Girls VIP. Until then, you get some adventure in your life, ladies!