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Morning Adventure Girls! Senka here, creator of Adventure girls & The Why She Adventure Conversation series and I’m out for a nice little walk this morning. If you’ve been following my stuff you would have seen that I’ve been a struggling with getting out and walking ’cause I had appendicitis so today it feels like the most  free day that I have had to get out and go for a walk. So I thought I’d take you to where I am and kinda see a bit of traffic in the background. I am up in the North Island I’ve come up to visit a couple of my good friends at Levin Central North Island which is super cool and I had I discovered this little spot and just by chance when I went out for a walk with them they love giving bits away although if you see my other stuff, you know exactly where I am I found this little walk.

When I went out I decided just to go you know as you do go for explore and find somebody to go for a walk and then there was like this bridge and I went under the bridge and then I wondered along. And I was like where the f*ck that this forest just come from and there’s a super cool applittle bush area just tacked in Kinloch which is called the thing of the stream walk so it’s just part of  a cool little walk super cruisey definitely nothing technical. Hence the reason I am out doing this right now, so yes so this cool little flat walk. It’s like literally just a 5k loop.

Ooww, there’s fish in the water. Oh God! There’s fish in the water! Oh hang on a sec, oh my God this is so cool. Can you hear them? There’s one just down there. Oh my gosh! Anyway it’s a first fish nursery holysh*t.That’s so cool! Thanks Mother Nature!  So yes, I’m doing the fun extreme walk so nice  to be a lot more mobile today. I think the last few walks of definitely helped out but if you ever come to the total area and you know that for big massive hike  or anything like that. Like I would totally recommend coming to Kinloch, I think it’s such a beautiful place.

It’s like 15 minutes from, 15 minutes  we’re not even at 12 minutes from Taupo itself. You come around the Lake and you just get this like sleepy little town or if you even call it a town as safety look sleepy little spot which is  just super cute and super nice and not only does it has this cool little walk. The funky loop tracking and see a stuff here but it also has a Kinloch has part of the Great Lakes Trail so you can either ride or you can you can walk slash run them. So I’ve written the W 2K to the road to Kinloch & I think it’s about 20K from memory.

It’s grade two grade three trails and a ton of fun. So let me know if you’ve ever written those or run those I think I know they’re super popular trail running as well. So I’ve done that and then I’ve also done from Kinloch up to the Headlands the Headline Loop and then back down and so I have gone up over and to, I think It’s Taupo. Please, I apologize for my pronunciation and not getting everything completely correct.

So I’ve done the Headline loop up there which is totally awesome as well. So two master tracks a few are grade two mountain biker and you wanna do something  that’s super fun and we’ll extend you a little bit because there’s definitely some what they would classify as grade three sections on it so but for the most part the trail is still  feeling wide, has a few features on it but nothing that’s like super crazy drops and all that kind of stuff, so yeah so I love coming to Kinloch. When I was in Auckland we come and visit these guys often, I usually do this loop in the morning ’cause it’s just a nice little 5K to get.

You know your brain going and all that sort of stuff and it’s actually a really changeable little spot  that we’ve got in here so Cadillac’s kinda this cool little spot that’s heading away from the busy Taupo and it’s literally a  stone throw away. So I really got into Taupo when I’m here I’ll just more often than not come through here and do a little walk.  Through the trails hit down to the lake, sometimes I’ll ride the mountain bike trails and sometimes they’ll walk will go go “Run”.  Run being a walk slash a jog slash whatever I feel like I can do so yeah.

So if you’ve been here before let me know, if there’s anything else in the area that you think is worth  sharing comment below and let me know otherwise that’s f*ckin  nice to be out. It’s f*ckin nice to be out walking again like  it’s so interesting how just, how your mindset Yeah can start to shift when you’re not doing the things that really matter to you and the things that are super important and the stuff that actually inspires you it’s so funny like the first thing to go when the sh*t sitting the thin is all the stuff that feels a heavy tank.

When the irony of all of that is we need to actually feel happy tank to have some way to get from to have that a band with to be able to do stuff, but when we think we’re too busy and we think we’re overwhelmed and our mindset, it’s not really in a solid place. Then the first thing that goes are stuff that fills that happy tank so getting out and walking fills up by happy tank. Getting out and being in nature even if it’s just a super cruisey walk like it is today, it fills up my happy tank. The more I feel my heavy tank up the more capacity I have for myself first off my projects that I’m working on, the business and then of course,  friends and family and amongst all of that.

So yeah let me know what your things are that you love to do that fills up your happy tank. Maybe there’s a few things that you’re hearing this. You’re like f*ck I’m not really doing much of that at the moment, and maybe you just need to put a few more things in that fill up your happy tank. So yeah if you ever get through Taupo, make sure you take the little 15 minute detour and come through to Kinloch, and come and check out the cool little spaces here.

If you’ve got kids this little fun trackers perfect there’s a little string down there. I’m here and kids can go and you know have a little play in and the dogs and stuff like  that so yeah, if you come through the Taupo area you can actually do this come through the Kinloch and if you’re hearing this in your life Oh f*ck I’m not really filling up my happy tank as much as I could be, and let me know what is one thing that you could do today.

It doesn’t have to be massive happy tank stuff, doesn’t have to be big giant hikes that could just be really simple stuff like picking up  fun having a great conversation with a great girlfriend who are putting up the cup. Could be taking half an hour of uninterrupted time to just sit and be present, or even 10 minutes. So, sometimes here’s ah I think that cool stuff we have to be doing has to be you know, big massive gestures but one thing that I’ve learned over the years is that pulling up our happy tank and doing those things can be a little bite-size pieces and it’s really about getting that into your life everyday.

So everyday finding ways to fill in things that fill up your heavy tank little adventures. And there’s the stuff they have to keep growing helps you keep your mind active in the right all the right ways and that sort of stuff so let me know below what’s one thing that you could do right now. It’s gonna fill your heavy tank up if you feel like you’re not and let me know if you’ve been into Kinloch before and let me know if you know any other cool places or cool things to do in here. Let’s see that around so I’m gonna go and soak up oh see how rad this place is. Just different scenes oh more than What a great day! Alright hits  me I’m gonna go soak this up.